The Association was created as part of the BIG – Bagpipe Italian Group.  Its functions are mainly operative and logistical and its aim is to fulfil these functions via a judicial body.  The Association hopes to attract all pipers who wish to have an active role with the ever so limited Italian piping scenario.  Also, its aim is to diffuse BIG’s main artistic messages and technical content.  For this reason, A.P.I. will always remain under BIG’s wing with respect to the technical, didactic and artistic areas thus actively contributing to their launch.  With respect to the “existential isolation” felt by Italian pipers, the Association’s aim is to offer its subscribers, whether being pipers or not, an array of services and opportunities ranging from stimulating meetings, the research and diffusion of news within the piping world, the creation of a “shop window” full of various products and services and innovative technical support which can be useful for the purchase of instruments and accessories.  Particular attention will be placed on the world of competition.  This meaning in terms of results and the creation of  cultural, technical and logistical conditions needed for the promotion of such events both on a national and international level.  
To aid in obtaining its set social goals, the Association will devote its efforts to the creation of strong relationships between government bodies, institutions and other Italian and international associations. 
In fact, A.P.I. has officially been recognised and included in the Molise Region’s Cultural Associations list and has already established various partnerships with Italian government agencies.
A few months ago, A.P.I. has officially undertaken profitable partnerships with the National Piping Centre, with regards to its specialty magazine Piping Today.  In addition, the Association is also about to undertake an on going partnership with the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
Thanks to this support network filled with musical instrument and accessory makers as well as music producers, the association will be able to amplify its already existing benefit package solely reserved for its members.

THE STATUTE (in Italian)

The Council Board